Why Choose Randy

Why Should I Vote for Randy LeVasseur?

Randy is a proven tax fighter dedicated to ensuring that we receive quality services while keeping costs down.  And he will LISTEN to US.  His focus is on serving the residents of Royal Oak.  He’ll fight against sweetheart deals for the politically connected and ensure that taxpayer funds are used to benefit city residents – not special interests.

Proven Tax Fighter

Randy LeVasseur is the founder of Michigan Property Tax Relief, LLC, a company focused on helping homeowners ...

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Serving Us

As a business owner, Randy LeVasseur knows that his success comes from providing his clients with quality ...

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Not a Politician

We can trust Randy LeVasseur.  He is not another career politician that has been part of the ...

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  • Taxes

    Too many elected officials forget that they work for us.  Rather than finding ways to better serve us, they instead focus on finding ways to take more of our hard-earned dollars.  With Randy LeVasseur as our State Representative, we know we will be sending a proven tax fighter to Lansing.  As a business owner, Randy has helped the owners of thousands of homes reduce their property taxes throughout the State of Michigan.  Randy is passionate about helping his clients reduce their taxes.  He will take that same passion to Lansing fighting for all of us!

  • Spending
    Irresponsible government spending has led us to the point where we don’t have sufficient funds to pay for basic services such as safe roads, clean water and public safety.  The first step in solving this problem is to stop electing the same old politicians who created the problem in the first place.  Randy will insist that governments live within their means, pay for expenses as they are incurred, and stop creating debts that threaten our future.
  • Government Accountability
    Public service should be about serving the public – not serving one’s own personal interests or the interests of a few preferred friends.  Government officials and employees who steal from our citizens, or breach the public trust, must be held accountable.
  • Government Transparency
    This is our government.  We paid for it.  We are entitled to know how our money is being spent and how government decisions are being made.  Government officials cannot be allowed to hide their expenditures and decision-making process from us.  Efforts to dissuade us from obtaining this information cannot be tolerated.